Ending Police Violence Through


Black moms are our lifelines in our darkest moments,
prompting us to shift our focus from FIGHTING to PREVENTING.

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1M4 Mission


Develop and execute prevention strategies to transform public safety, provide financial and emotional support to families impacted by police violence, and focus on mental wellness for the Black family.

The problem

Police violence disproportionately affects the Black community, causing harm and trauma. This violence is often perpetuated by a lack of accountability for officers and elected officials, and a reliance on reactive measures rather than prevention-focused strategies.












Reduce Police Interactions

Prevent tragic outcomes and wrongful incarcerations.


Provide Support

Provide support to impacted families, including financial aid, advocacy, and awareness.


Champion Mental Wellness

Champion mental wellness within Black families, with a special focus on maternal figures.


Key SOlutions

End police violence by 2038 and greatly reduce harm in the Black community by utilizing prevention-focused strategies that prioritize mental health and personal safety.



Health Advocacy

& resources

Deliver resources, education, and safe mental health spaces while addressing systemic racism, specifically as a result of law enforcement.

Community Development

Community Power

Driven by a network of caring Black mothers who support one another, we protect our communities and shape a brighter future.

Youth Empowerment:

We raise Black youth with an interest in the legal system and politics with integrity to create a more just and equitable future.

Partner with us

Join our mission to end police violence. Your donation holds officials accountable, provides mental health resources, and educates on systemic racism. Together, we create a safer world. Contact us at info@1m4.org.

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One Mad Mom Will Change Her Community.

One Million Mad Moms Will Change The World.

1M4 is a public safety and mental health organization working to end police violence in the United States by the year of 2038. Through prevention focused initiatives, 1M4 is committed to the reduction of  harm in the Black community by solutions derived from Black maternal figures.  1M4 welcomes the partnership and collaboration of all who want to assist in creating a safer and more just world.

1M4 is a 501(c)(3) organization; EIN: 93-3655384