Meet the 1M4 Team: A dedicated group fighting to end police violence in America. From Tansy McNulty, the visionary Founder & CEO, to the passionate Senior Policy Analyst, Sharron Stephens, each member is driven by a shared mission. Discover their stories and commitment to creating lasting change at 1M4.

Meet the Team

Board President

Tansy McNulty

Resides in Washington D.C.

Tansy McNulty is a social justice advocate and the Founder & CEO of 1 Million Madly Motivated Moms (1M4), a non-profit organization dedicated to ending police violence in the United States by 2038. Tansy is a thought leader in the fields of police accountability, mental health, and safety alternatives, with a focus on public safety transformation and community-based approaches.

With a deep understanding of the intersection of social justice, police accountability, and mental health, Tansy is committed to creating positive, generational change in the world. She is a leading voice in the fight against police violence, advocating for innovative solutions that are data proven to increase public safety and decriminalize mental illness.


Veranda Quarles

Resides in Tennessee

Veranda Quarles is a Senior Accountant for Cummins Sales and Services, North America. She has been a part of the Cummins Inc. family for over 16 years in various roles; beginning as an Accounts Payable Analyst and Treasury Analyst with most of her time on the Payroll and Benefits Accounting team where she served as the Benefits Accounting team lead for 7 years. Prior to Cummins, Veranda worked for American Standard as an Accounts Payable Coordinator. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration, Economics and Finance degree, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Tennessee State University Veranda resides in Tennessee where she enjoys the rich music history, good movies, and best of all brunch. Veranda has a heart for people; relationship building is her strength and passion. She strives to personify joy and spread that joy among as many people as possible.


Makeda Brown

Resides in North Carolina

Makeda is a mom, wife, and published writer. Using her talent with words, she helps non-profit businesses connect with their audiences by telling the stories that need to be told and spreading their message to amplify their impact.

As a mental health advocate and mother to two Black boys, she became a part of the 1M4 family to be more active in creating a safer environment for them every time they step out into the world and for the moments they get stuck inside their heads.

Member at large

Laurie Walker Hall

Resides in Mississippi

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, inspirational artist, wife, mother, banking specialist, and mental health advocate are all words that describe Laurie Walker Hall. Laurie has a strong passion for helping others. Particularly through songwriting, she seeks to inspire, uplift, and empower listeners across the globe through the power of music. She also enjoys helping others through banking, having worked in the banking industry for seventeen years in various roles including financial services representative, head teller, call center agent, and trainer. She currently works as an agent and trainer.

Having a lived experience with mental illness, Laurie also has a passion for mental health advocacy and has shared her story through word and song for various audiences. She is a member and certified presenter for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) with hopes of helping to destigmatize and decriminalize mental illness. In her free time, she loves running long distances, going to live concerts, traveling, and spending quality time with her family.

Senior Policy Analyst

Sharron Stephens

Resides in Michigan

Sharron Stephens works in Product Development.  Her degree is in International Relations focusing on Policy and Transnational Crime.  She is a member of 1M4 and the World Affairs Council.  She works with organizations on policy development and research regarding racial injustice and international affairs. Sharron lives in Michigan with her husband and has three children and a grandchild.

Operations Associate

Ebony James

Ebony D. James is a devoted wife and mompreneur. She is married to her best friend, number one supporter and prayer warrior, Darius Ellis James. She is a mother of two handsome boys, Legend and Conquer. Ebony has drawn on principles and concepts from the Bible, her life as a wife, mother, and educator, her experience in the social work field, and the field of Applied Behavior Analysis to help women of all ages.

Ebony is also the Founder and CEO of The Empire Effect Agency. This virtual assistant company gives Powerhouse CEOs the strategic support they need to scale their businesses so that they can finally operate more in their zone of genius and less in their day-to-day operations. Self-care for her includes bowling, watching movies and cooking with hubby, singing, spending time with family, a good, competitive game night with family or friends, online shopping, and creating systems and processes to make life more simple.

1M4 is a public safety and mental health organization working to end police violence in the United States by the year of 2038. Through prevention focused initiatives, 1M4 is committed to the reduction of  harm in the Black community by solutions derived from Black maternal figures.  1M4 welcomes the partnership and collaboration of all who want to assist in creating a safer and more just world.

1M4 is a 501(c)(3) organization; EIN: 93-3655384