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Fill Your Cup, Sis

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve been on a celebratory run since the year started. We started the year off reminiscing about all you’ve helped us accomplish, and then we rolled right into celebrating Black History and Women’s History Month. The party hasn’t...

Mental Health in Minorities

While everyone - all colors - everyone is affected by stigma - no one wants to say 'I'm not in control of my mind.' No one wants to say, 'The person I love is not in control of [their] mind.'Mental Health Awareness Month finished back in May, but as we promised you,...

Lead Like Marcus, Marsha, and Fred

Can we set the record straight right quick?Right now, we’re in the early days of Black August, and we’re giving big shoutouts to the leaders that have inspired, motivated, and literally been birthed in this month.Leaders like Marcus Garvey, a Black nationalist born on...

Will You Answer the Call?

Black August and Black Philanthropic Month are coming to an end, and before it does, we want to make sure we put all cards on the table.We know that leading a cause like ending police brutality and making your community safer can feel like we’re asking you to be in...

Put Action Behind Your Words

Join 1M4 Community Waitlist

1M4 is a public safety and mental health organization working to end police violence in the United States by the year of 2038. Through prevention focused initiatives, 1M4 is committed to the reduction of  harm in the Black community by solutions derived from Black maternal figures.  1M4 welcomes the partnership and collaboration of all who want to assist in creating a safer and more just world.

1M4 is a 501(c)(3) social justice project of The Movement Strategy Center

EIN: 20-1037643