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You’re not in this alone.

Between stress awareness, minority health, and move more month, a lot was going on in the 1M4 streets. So if we overwhelmed you with reminders, guess what?We don’t feel no kinda way. At all times, you and your circle are our #1 priority. As a public safety...

You’ve got a reason to go outside.

When the New Year came, as always, we were bombarded with the “new year, new me” energy. The hype was all up and down our feeds. And because we’re not one to get in the way of anyone’s level-up, we were all for it. But be real with us, since the New Year, have you...

You are not responsible for the world.

We don’t know if you know, but it’s stress awareness month. And we got something to say. To our fellow Black community, as we stand in arms with our allies, we need you to know that educating, nurturing, progressing, and inspiring the world is not your responsibility....

Let’s keep these people in check.

Listen, you never have to fake the funk over here. We know everything ain’t always perfect. That’s why, although we LOVE hearing all the great feedback on our updated directory, we also want to know the uncomfortable truths. Was everything really all good? We want to...

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1M4 is a public safety and mental health organization working to end police violence in the United States by the year of 2038. Through prevention focused initiatives, 1M4 is committed to the reduction of  harm in the Black community by solutions derived from Black maternal figures.  1M4 welcomes the partnership and collaboration of all who want to assist in creating a safer and more just world.

1M4 is a 501(c)(3) organization; EIN: 93-3655384