Listen, you never have to fake the funk over here. We know everything ain’t always perfect.

That’s why, although we LOVE hearing all the great feedback on our updated directory, we also want to know the uncomfortable truths. Was everything really all good?

We want to hear about your experience with calling the first response teams found in our guide. And we need your feedback because as an organization uplifting these solutions, understanding what happens “after the call” helps us hold these teams accountable to being a safer, care-centered alternative to police response.

So if you’ve placed a call to a team you found in our directory, whether recently or long ago, click the button below to tell us what happened. Were they helpful or harmful? Did they make any difference? Don’t be shy with your feedback. It’s always confidential and it always makes an impact.

    “If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say that you enjoyed it.”
    — Zora Neale Hurston

    Super Bowl Spotlight

    We are still on a high from last week’s Super Bowl activities. Truly grateful to Players Coalition for opening doors for us and to the Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee for their award of the Game Day Legacy grant.

    Case Update On: Xzavier Hill


    Did you know Xzavier’s mom, LaToya, has a podcast where she and another impacted mom, Roxane, interview family members of those impacted police?


    If not, please take some time to watch/listen to these interviews. They are insightful and educational on the flawed criminal legal system.


    Tune in here:

    Life After the Impact

    Legislation to Watch:

    Is your state in legislative session right now? Not sure? Check out the link below.

    Session Schedules: Keep track of which states are in and out of session

    We all need to know when our legislators are in active session and putting laws on the books that will impact our lives. Find out if your state is in session now.

    Article of the Week


    Check out what we’re reading and make sure to hit reply and tell us your thoughts!

    University of Pennsylvania: Study Highlights Concerns and Preferences of Residents Regarding Police Involvement in Mental Health Crisis Response

    Read about how those in the healthcare system think about police responding to mental health needs.

    A Mental Health Tip For You!

    The right response toward those experiencing a mental health emergency can be the difference between life or death. And as we continue moving through a new year, it’s important to note that the language you use around mental health can carry that same weight. For yourself and for others. Especially for those having suicidal thoughts.

    So if showing up more for yourself and others is on your to-do list this year, consider taking a look at this Language Matters cheat sheet from NAMI. With quick tips on how you can tweak your language around mental health to be more helpful than harmful, you’ll create a safer space for yourself and those who may lean on you.

    Spread Some Blessings!

    The consequences of police violence extend far beyond the loss of life. For families affected, it’s the loss of income, the sacrifice of basic necessities, and the start of a high-cost legal fight. If you have the capacity, consider donating to 1M4. Proceeds help support impacted families and sustain the work of 1M4 toward ending police violence for good.

    Its February, Sis. We’re not only fresh off the heels of a new year but we’re also in the thick of Black History Month. And we’re not taking a moment for granted.

    With our directory now out in the world, we’re off to a fresh start of prioritizing care over criminalization. We’re working towards a year of reduced harm by police, and increased availability and knowledge of mental health resources in local communities.

    And while that starts with the work and commitment of all of us, our progress can be significantly amplified because of you.


    Your Sistas In ALL Of This,
    The Ladies of 1M