Being a mama or mama figure ain’t easy work. Between shuffling the kids from doctor appointments to sports practices, checking in on your mama and family, grabbing lunch with ya good sis who needs you, and then making sure you’re stepping into work meetings bringing your best…all while still circling back as often as you can to check on them kids…😫 Who has time left to eat right, sleep well, and get in all their steps?  

We’re with you 1000% if you’re thinking “It ain’t me.” But here’s the thing…it needs to be.

Hear us out. We’re always in your ear about prioritizing your mental health, but with April being Minority Health Month and Black Women’s History Month, we’ve been reminded: our physical health is just as important.

To do the work, live the life, and make the memories you want, you have to keep your health up in all the ways. And because Black people are more likely to suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, HIV, and other serious health complications, it’s so important that you stay proactive.

So while we know you don’t need another to-do on your list, just remember that caring for yourself is a priority. To show up in the way you want to, it has to be.

“Don’t take your health for granted. Don’t take your body for granted. Do something today that communicates to your body that you desire to care for it. Tomorrow is not promised.”
— Jada Pinkett Smith

Big News To Share

1M4 Founder and Board Member Will Be On Good Morning America 3rd Hour!

Tansy McNulty and Laurie Hall will be speaking on a segment of GMA3’s What You Need To Know Show this Wednesday April 10th at 1pm EST. Check your local listings for the channel and air time. We are excited to share the importance of decriminalizing mental illness on this international platform while sharing the work we have done to get The Right Response directory into the hands of all who need it.

This is a MAJOR deal for our organization and we wanted you all to be the FIRST to know. You have supported us, shared our resources, volunteered with us, and continued to encourage our work every step of the way. We thank YOU!

Though we will not share publicly on social media until after April 3rd, we wanted to share with you so you can tune in with us in real time.

Check Your Local Listing for GMA3

*Our segment was previously set to air on April 3rd. However, just like life be life-ing, so does the news cycle! While it’s possible they may delay it again, don’t stress. You know we’ll keep you posted. 

Case Update On: Xzavier Hill


We are right at a month away from the court hearing scheduled to be held in Richmond, VA on May 9th at 9:30am EST. Checkin is 8:45-9am. Join 1M4 in the courtroom with LaToya as we works towards accountability for her son’s murder.

To quote Latoya, “injustices often happen in empty courtrooms”

If you are able to join us, hit the reply button and let us know you’re coming so we can be in direct contact with you.

Learn More

Legislation to Watch

Justice Department Announces Investigation of the City of Lexington, Mississippi, and the Lexington Police Department

Small town policing is finally coming under federal scrutiny for police misconduct and Constitutional violations.

Do you think the DOJ will find anything? Have you noticed small town authorities abusing their power in your local communities?

Article of the Week


Check out what we’re reading and make sure to hit reply and tell us your thoughts!

People in mental health crisis need care, not cuffs. The DOJ seems to agree.

A Mental Health Tip For You!

Supporting your body and your mind might seem like double the work. But let us slide in with a quick reminder: Sometimes, they’re one in the same. Oftentimes, so much of the confusion, fog, and frustration we feel mentally, is a response to how our body feels physically.


So if you’ve been feeling sluggish lately and have also been eating on-the-go, then start clocking what’s going into your body. Pay attention to the drinks you’re having, the snacks you’re eating and the meals you’re sitting down for. Are they checking off your protein box? Are you getting your vitamins in? Are you eating enough? All of these things can affect the clarity of your mind.

Spread Some Blessings!

The consequences of police violence extend far beyond the loss of life. For families affected, it’s the loss of income, the sacrifice of basic necessities, and the start of a high-cost legal fight. If you have the capacity, consider donating to 1M4. Proceeds help support impacted families and sustain the work of 1M4 toward ending police violence for good.

When? Is that the question on your mind? When can I possibly find the time to make an appointment or make the “right” meal or even fit in an exercise session? We get it. These kids (and life) sometimes make you feel like you’ve got zero time.

But if you walk away with anything from this email, we want you to know that your body and your mind deserve the time. So if you can and if you have it, lean on your community.

Annual checkins take maybe 30mins-1 hour out of your day. Tap on a family member, partner, or friend to step in while you’re out. As for healthy eating, see if you can wake up just one hour earlier this week to plan out your meals. And when it comes to exercise, Sis, this is the one place social media is definitely good for! With accounts sharing tons of on-the-go exercises, you can fit in some workouts as you’re sitting down at soccer practice or right before you crush that next work meeting.

You got this.


Your Sistas In ALL Of This,
The Ladies of 1M

Set Your DVR for THIS Wed. April 10th to watch 1M4 members on GMA3

(And thank you so much for all of your help and diligence!)

Check Out GMA3 and find your Local Listing

The Right Response

GMA3, weekly newsletters, conferences — all of it is to get the word out about protecting your safety. All of it is about ensuring you and your loved ones have access to the right response during a mental or behavioral crisis. Bookmark our life-saving directory today.

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Spotlight on Our Work

Our Founder was featured in Business Insider this week discussing why she started 1M4 and the importance of The Right Response directory.

Check out the article and share with your network. We need as many people as possible to know about The Right Response and our growing grassroots organization.

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Join GirlTrek’s Spring Walking Challenge

Over the next 10 weeks we will join GirlTrek in promoting self-care for Freedom Fighters.

That’s each one of us.

We must take care of ourselves so we can not just survive but thrive in this life.

Learn More About This Challenge Here

Take The Release The Pressure Pledge

With high blood pressure being an issue for nearly 80% of Black people, 1M4 is committed to doing what’s needed to protect our heart’s health and we’re asking you to do the same.

More Information about the Release The Pressure Bridge

Emerging Leader Fellowship 2024 Application

“The Emerging Leaders Fellowship is a semester-long program designed for organizers building power in community organizations, labor unions, or advocacy groups.”

Deadline: May 5th

Apply Now

Freedom Summer ‘24

Apply to join the JULIAN organization in commemorating 60 years since the Freedom Summer. The coalition building effort for voter access, advocacy, and policy innovations will take place this summer in Mississippi. Applications accepted until May 10th on a rolling basis. 

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Become A Gatekeeper

The Confess Project is hosting multi-city and virtual trainings on how to become mental health advocates in our local communities. These trainings will equip everyday people to use their voices to improve access to mental health care. 

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