We’re busy hyping up all the Sistas that have paved the way for us to do great things. But we cannot stress enough the impact that this one Sista could have on everything.


…You know who she is?

Sis, it’s you. You are wonderfully made and an instrumental part of everything we do here at 1M4. Simply put, you’re a living legend.


By showing up for us and your community whether it’s just by reading these emails, donating to our cause, or spreading the word about helping those you love (and those you don’t) get The RIght Response, you’re helping us be in spaces we otherwise could not be.

You’re helping us hear underrepresented voices that would otherwise have no platform. You’re making us aware of blindspots which are often the very things that make government bodies perpetuate stigmas and racial biases.

You help us decriminalize mental health and as a result, you’re helping us save lives.  

We’re women making history and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you. Go head, twin. Somebody queue up Muni Long 🙂

“I am not free while any women is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”
— Audre Lorde

Sista Spotlight

Our Founder was featured in Business Insider this week discussing why she started 1M4 and the importance of The Right Response directory.

Check out the article and share with your network. We need as many people as possible to know about The Right Response and our growing grassroots organization.

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Case Update On: Xzavier Hill


Xzavier’s mother, Latoya, will need our help in packing the court May 7th – 10th. If you are located in or around Richmond VA, please come out and stand with Latoya and the women of 1M4 in seeking accountability for Xzavier’s death at the hands of Virginia law enforcement.

Exact location and time will be shared as we get closer to May.

Follow Latoya’s journey and support her legal expenses here:


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Legislation to Watch:

988 mental health crisis calls may soon be routed based on location rather than area code


Legislation has been introduced to improve 988’s ability to provide localized response to those in need.
Currently, 988 calls are routed based on the caller’s area code. This causes issues if someone no longer lives in that area code and a local response is needed.

Legislation would allow calls to be routed based on the general location of the caller. 

What are your thoughts on this?

Article of the Week


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The F.D.A. Warned an Asthma Drug Could Induce Despair. Many Were Never Told.

We have mothers in 1M4 who have used Singulair (and Montelukast) to help with their children’s asthma condition. However, research has linked these drugs with causing thoughts of suicide.  

Please read and share with those in your community who may have children using either medication. 

It’s on us to keep one another well and informed. 

A Mental Health Tip For You!

Most of us had that one woman in our life. The one woman who could do it all. Maybe it was your mama, your grandmama, or your auntie. Whoever she was, she was juggling it ALL. The kids, the house, maybe the career, the marriage — allathat. She was (or still is) superwoman; a pillar of strength and a role model for us all.


But listen. *Record Scratch* While this person’s strength is a testament to the power of women, and likely shaped you into the person you are today, we want to remind you that being a superwoman is not a role you have to take on. And if it’s one you want to, it’s a role that gets to be defined by you.

So many of us were raised on the belief that we were supposed to do it all. Without ever complaining or showing some wear and tear. But the superwoman life we were taught is a slippery slope. It’s a long list of to-dos with you always showing up at the very bottom. And with
Black women suffering disproportionately from this way of thinking it’s imperative that we shift (or begin to consider shifting) how we approach it.

Spread Some Blessings!

The consequences of police violence extend far beyond the loss of life. For families affected, it’s the loss of income, the sacrifice of basic necessities, and the start of a high-cost legal fight. If you have the capacity, consider donating to 1M4. Proceeds help support impacted families and sustain the work of 1M4 toward ending police violence for good.

It can be so easy to think that you’re not the one for the history books. That because you’re not the first Black woman to stand up for something or create something, you’re not doing something.

But Sis, let this be the reminder you needed to hear that that is the furthest thing from the truth. You have the power to leave your mark in history. Just by being here, with us, you’re already doing that.

But you can take it a step further. Every time that you share resources like The Right Response, you send out a thread of hope into the world. A thread of hope for the mama who’s scared as her son begins experiencing a mental health emergency. Or the girl who’s been playing superwoman and is now experiencing a behavioral crisis. Or the neighborhood auntie who’s been seeing someone struggling and just didn’t know who to call without risking a life.

You’re saving lives, Queen. What an honor to do this work alongside you.


Your Sistas In ALL Of This,
The Ladies of 1M

Did you miss it?

Did you miss our conversation with the Council Of State Governments Justice Center and Black History trailblazer Chief John Moon? Well, we have you covered. Check out the replay and share with a friend how paramedics in the U.S. were pioneered by a group of Black people in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Unstoppable Women: This one’s for you!

Did you catch our Founder, Tansy, speaking with Cassandra Hill about being an Unstoppable Woman? If not, check out the recording and share with your Linkedin network. We believe we are ALL Unstoppable when we tap into our inner strengths while protection our boundaries. Let us know what resonates with you most in the conversation.

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Spotlight on Our Work

Our Founder was featured in Business Insider this week discussing why she started 1M4 and the importance of The Right Response directory.

Check out the article and share with your network. We need as many people as possible to know about The Right Response and our growing grassroots organization.

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Emerging Leader Fellowship 2024 Application

“The Emerging Leaders Fellowship is a semester-long program designed for organizers building power in community organizations, labor unions, or advocacy groups.”

Deadline: May 5th

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Freedom Summer ‘24

Apply to join the JULIAN organization in commemorating 60 years since the Freedom Summer. The coalition building effort for voter access, advocacy, and policy innovations will take place this summer in Mississippi. Applications accepted until May 10th on a rolling basis. 

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