This month covered a lot. It was Mental Health and Women’s Health Awareness Month. And then, of course, there was Mother’s Day. Just like you, May came through as MVP carrying the world on its shoulders.

But here’s a reminder: Just like May’s about to do, be sure to take your breaks. Just because the world is asking for all of you, doesn’t mean you have to give it. Prioritize your needs and your wants.

It’s never selfish. It’s a necessity.

    When you get in the motions of doing things for others, neglecting your self-care, and running on E 24/7, you make less space for yourself and more space for burnout. And while sometimes that burnout can be manageable and easy to walk back, sometimes it isn’t so simple.

      Sometimes burnout can show up as a mental or behavioral health crisis. Sometimes burnout can stop your entire world. And if we can help you prevent it, then that’s what we want for you. To support you in staying mentally and physically healthy. And in those rare and scary moments when the weight of your roles, mind, and life get to you, don’t forget — we’ve got your back then, too.

        “You need so much more than mental health or ‘well-being’ in this era of discrimination, invisibility, and psychological warfare. You need an impermeable web of protection for your mind.”
        — Rheeda Walker

        Sista Spotlight

        Wednesday we sat in court support of Terence Richardson. His legal team presented the evidence of his innocence and now we wait for the case to move back to the appellate court WITH the new evidence. 

        Though we wish they would release him and Ferrone right now…we know our country’s legal system is not going to. They’re putting red tape before lives. 

        Nonetheless, it was nice to finally meet Terence and Ferrone’s team and their families in person after nearly 4 years of support from 1M4

        (they have been incarcerated for over 25 yrs).

        Sista Spotlight continues…

        We were outside this week (like the kids say lol)

        Yesterday, 1M4’s Mississippi based sistas turned out and showed up for the Healing HERstory event in Brandon MS. This event raised money for supportive housing for domestic violence survivors. We were in the building to raise awareness about The Right Response and to build 1M4 membership in the Hospitality State.

        1M4 has members in 16 states and we’re now working to grow our member base and safety solutions in a hyper local manner. The best way to address the issues of our communities is to work with and for people in those communities. Let us know if you are ready to join us from your “neck of the woods”

        Case Update On: Terence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne


        Next steps in Terence’s case is for his legal team to present the newly allowed evidence to the appellate court for review. They have until early June to do so then the appellate court will review the evidence and provide their ruling. Hopefully this will be done within 90 days or less. If you are the praying type, please do so for swift exoneration and freedom for these men. Too much time has already passed. Over 25 years to be exact…


        Please continue to follow this case, raise awareness and support their exoneration.

        Voters to Watch

        YOU! Do you know your voter registration status? If not, click the link below and check NOW. We must be sure to vote in every election.

        It is not a game.


        One major reason Terence and Ferrone’s case has taken so much time is due to who sits in the Attorney General’s office. This (along with other roles like Commonwealth Attorney) is an elected role.


        Who you have in office directly impacts YOUR life and freedom.


        Vote in every election.


        Check your voter registration.

        Article of the Week


        Check out what we’re reading and make sure to hit reply and tell us your thoughts!


        It’s Not Stigma, It’s Discrimination


        As we close out Mental Health Awareness Month, this op-ed sparked thoughts on how America views mental illness. Let us know your thoughts.

        A Mental Health Tip For You!

        There’s a lot of good and bad happening in our world today. And when you switch on the news — even for 5 mins — it seems that the bad often outweighs the good.


        Although it can be helpful to stay up-to-date on current events, seeing these images and sifting through this heaviness day in and day out can often create a great deal of sadness and despair in our minds. Whether we know it or not. But according to this recent article, there’s one thing that could turn the tide on our outlook on life: faith. Yep, looks like our mamas were right, Sis!


        Harold G. Koenig of Duke University found that religiosity and spirituality are, “positively related to optimism, self‐esteem, hope, coping with adversity and lower levels of depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies and psychotic disorders.”


        TLDR; Feeling the Holy Spirit is as good for you as it looks! But if you don’t find yourself a religious person, consider taking some time to think about your spirituality and the bigger purpose you do believe in. How can you let those values pour more heavily into your life?

          Spread Some Blessings!

          The consequences of police violence extend far beyond the loss of life. For families affected, it’s the loss of income, the sacrifice of basic necessities, and the start of a high-cost legal fight. If you have the capacity, consider donating to 1M4. Proceeds help support impacted families and sustain the work of 1M4 toward ending police violence for good.

          Even if it feels like no one else realizes the things you do, the thoughts you have, or the impact you make, we do.

          We know the weight you carry. We know the lives you change. And we know the history you’re making. That’s why we’re here for you.


          Every single day, we’re cheering you on and shouldering some of the weight of caring and protecting your family. Because we know it’s hard. And we want to make sure you’ve got some space, time, and love left over to take care of your mental and physical health too.


          Remember. We can’t do any of this without you and we wouldn’t want to anyway.


          Your Sistas In ALL Of This,
          The Ladies of 1M

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