• Listing ID: 199
  • County/Area: Duluth
  • Insurance Required: No
  • Prior Relationship Established: No
  • Do They Work with Law Enforcement: Yes if situation deemed dangerous
  • How Are They Contacted: Crisis Line
  • Crisis Line: 218-623-1800
  • Website:
  • Note: The mobile crisis team consists of two mental health staff members who are available 24/7 to respond to mental health crisis in our community. Mobile crisis interventions are face-to-face, short term mental health services to help an individual:

    Cope with stress

    Identify and use available resources

    Avoid unnecessary hospitalization
    Avoid the loss of independent living
    Develop action plans
    Return one to baseline level functioning
Contact details

2700 1st St. N. Suite 300 St. Cloud, MN 56303Minnesota