Are you looking at the calendar like we are? Wondering where the month went? ‘Cuz January clearly had prior engagements, and no time for us.

But even as January comes to a close, and we *try* to catch our breath, we’re also preparing for Black History Month’s fast approach. Not just to celebrate but to also figure out how the word “diversity” has become so weaponized and demonized…

It’s a LOT. 

And because we want to prepare you for the foolishness you may see this Black History Month, we just wanted to drop in really quick and say:

It’s Black History Everyday Around Here.

And the lives you lead, and the lives you help us protect are living legacies. Our community is filled with people who are and will be leaders, artists, politicians, tradespeople, doctors, mamas, you name it. We are diverse. We are human. And our #blackmagic has and will continue to shape the world. And like any human walking this earth, we all deserve to have resources that support the mental strain of being and becoming those things.

Without it being weaponized. Without it posing a risk to our lives. And The Right Response Directory helps us take a massive step toward accomplishing that.

The Right Response Directory connects you with trained mental health professionals who can show up for you (or someone you love) during a mental or behavioral crisis. They can de-escalate the situation, and handle your concerns, all while treating you with the care you deserve. They provide the right response in your time of need. And without weaponizing our diversity.

“You will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once, but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.”
— Michelle Obama

Superbowl Spotlight

We’re heading to the Super Bowl activities in Las Vegas to attend the Players Coalition‘s Press Event and promote The Right Response directory.

Are there any sports podcasts, shows, or personalities that you think we should talk to while there? Any with a special focus on social justice, racial justice and/or mental health? Hit the reply button and let us know!

Case Update On: Terrence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne

Terrence is still awaiting the verdict from judges after Jarrett Adams law presented oral arguments of his innocence in late 2023. The decision is expected in the early part of the year, which we hope is sooner rather than later.

Please continue sharing their story and sign their petition:

Justice delayed IS justice denied.

Legislation To Watch

Did you know 988 encountered a cyberattack in December 2022? HR 498 sought to protect the system against future attacks. The bill was sent to the committee.

Read about it here:

H.R.498 – 9–8–8 Lifeline Cybersecurity Responsibility Act


Why is this important? Because as people seek out mental health emergency assistance, it is important that the system be accessible and guard against those who want to further harm people at their most vulnerable time.

Report of the Week


Check out what we’re reading and make sure to hit reply and tell us your thoughts!

Our colleagues at CrisisCrowd just released a report detailing the training, experiences, and recommendations of 988 crisis counselors. This report is eye-opening. Tap in here:

2023 Crisis Counselor Survey

Did anything from the report surprise you?

A Mental Health Tip For You!

Looking for ways to unwind and relax tonight as you prepare for the last few days of January?

Tune into this chakra cleansing and self-affirming track by Beautiful Chorus entitled I Am Everything. Why? Because you are. And because it might be just the soft melodies you need to help re-center yourself and feel more present.

Spread Some Blessings!

The consequences of police violence extend far beyond the loss of life. For families affected, it’s the loss of income, the sacrifice of basic necessities, and the start of a high-cost legal fight. If you have the capacity, consider donating to 1M4. Proceeds help support impacted families and sustain the work of 1M4 toward ending police violence for good.

So yeah, January is basically in the rearview mirror. And as a mama or mama figure, we know where your head is right now, Sis. The new year is in full swing, and you’re trying to start things off on the right foot – giving your family and loved ones all you’ve got. But before we go, here’s another reminder: just because you are superwoman, doesn’t mean you have to be. Give your needs the right response, too.


And know that your efforts are seen, they are appreciated, and you are loved.

Your Sis In All Of This,